Privacy Architecture

Freedom Chat is built from the ground up to ensure your privacy.

Freedom Chat | Speak Freely & Message Privately

Private By Design

Freedom Chat was created to maximize your privacy and freedom of speech. That’s why all you need to join is a valid phone number—nothing else. 

End-To-End Encryption

Every message you send is end-to-end encrypted, meaning that it can only be read by its intended recipient. 

End-to-end encryption
No storage of messages on the server

No Storage of Messages On Servers

If messages are stored on a server in an unencrypted way than that’s not true “end-to-end encryption”. Many companies claim to have end-to-end encryption, which is true (encryption while in transit), however, they also claim that no one can read your messages under any circumstance, which is not true. If they were truly being transparent their messaging would look something like this:

  • Apple can access this chat because it’s being backed up to iCloud
  • Google can access this chat because it’s being backed up to Google Drive
  • WhatsApp can access this chat because we can restore it on a clean device using just your phone number

No Commercial Use of User Data

The selling of user data is at an all-time high. From the content of your conversations to the locations you visit to your shopping habits and more, companies will sell any amount of information they can get their hands on.

Freedom Chat is financed by paid memberships, so quite frankly, we don’t want your data. If you are currently using a “free” and “private” messaging app, how do you think they are paying their bills?

The answer…is your data which translates to all of your conversations, the locations you visit, who you talk to and when, your political affiliation and much more. 

No User Data | Converso Private Messaging