How To Disable Screenshots

Freedom Chat Screenshot Protect | How to disable screenshots

How To Prevent Screenshots

It’s never fun to have what was supposed-to-be a private message, image or video screenshotted or successfully screen recorded. At Freedom Chat we believe that users should have control over all that they send. For this reason we created the revolutionary feature, Screenshot Protect. Built-in screenshot protection prevents any member in a chat from screenshotting messages or even screen recording. Screenshot Protect prevents any member in a chat from screenshotting messages. If a screenshot is attempted, nothing more than a blank white screen will be seen and you will be notified of the attempted screenshot. Now you can be sure everything you send within Freedom Chat, stays within Freedom Chat. See the two images below. One chat has Screenshot Protect disabled, the other has Screenshot Protect enabled.

Screenshot Protect
Screenshot Protect | How to disable screenshots

How To Protect Yourself From Screenshots

If you would like to protect yourself from screenshots the best thing you can do is download Freedom Chat. Screenshot Protect is enabled by default ensuring that everything you send within Freedom Chat stays within Freedom Chat.

About Freedom Chat

Here at Freedom Chat we believe privacy is a God-given right. With Freedom Chat you can message who you want without fear of tyrants or big tech listening in to your conversations.

Freedom Chat offers the following user features: 

  • Text and voice messages
  • Edit and unsend messages
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Customize color and font size 
  • Send GIFs, images, stickers and more
  • Anti-spam protection 
  • “Sensors Off” (deactivates your camera and microphone) 
  •  Enable dark mode…and so much more!


Speak freely and message privately with Freedom Chat today! 

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