Freedom Chat Reviews

Freedom Chat Reviews

What Are The Reviews of Freedom Chat ?

Freedom Chat is a next generation messaging app that keeps your conversations actually private with end-to-end encryption, no storage of messages on the server, and no commercial use of user data. It is designed for people who want absolute privacy and freedom from big tech data surveillance.

We have worked incredibly hard and have been very meticulous in developing this one-of-a-kind app. From next-level security to standard user-friendly features to new and innovative features never been seen, we have had the user experience in mind from the very beginning. For this reason, Freedom Chat has only positive, 4 or 5 star reviews on the iOS app store. Here are just a few examples of what users have to say about Freedom Chat:

Freedom Chat Reviews | Reviews of Freedom Chat
Freedom Chat Reviews | Reviews of Freedom Chat

Why Use Freedom Chat?

Freedom Chat is a pay-for-privacy messaging app with a beautiful interface and intuitive feel. With Freedom Chat you can disable screenshots, edit and unsend messages, verify encryption, enable “sensors off” and so much more. We are also the only private messaging app with a published white paper detailing our encryption algorithms and a step-by-step encryption analysis with snippets of our code. 

Some of Freedom Chat’s features: 

  • Worldwide text messaging 
  • Send images, videos and GIFs
  • React to messages with emojis
  • Screenshot Protect (the ability to disable screenshots from being taken)
  • Edit, unsend and self-destruct messages
  • Verifiable end-to-end encryption
  • No commercial use of user data
  • No storage of messages on our servers
  • Edit contact names directly from within the app 
  • Customize color, font size and enable dark mode 
  • Sensors Off (deactivates your phone’s camera and microphone)
  • And much more!


To message privately and speak freely you can download Freedom Chat here. 

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