What Features Does Freedom Chat Have?

Freedom Chat Features

Freedom Chat User-Friendly Features

Freedom Chat combines new and innovative features into one user-friendly dashboard. In this article we explore all the features Freedom Chat has to offer. 

Full customization:

  • Whether you want to change the color of your messages from navy blue to red or to another color of your choice, you can. You can also increase font size and enable dark mode.


Unsend messages: 

  • Want to unsend a message entirely? You can! And with no storage of messages on the server it’s like it was never there. 


Edit messages:

  • Accidentally mistyped? Sent the wrong information? Easily edit your messages even after you’ve already sent them.


Send anything 

  • Send GIFs, videos and images to any one of your contacts. Just like text and voice messages, everything is end-to-end encrypted.


React to messages with emoji’s:

  • We understand sometimes words just aren’t needed. Conveniently hold down on any message to respond with a simple reaction. 


Self-destruct messages: 

  • Send messages, images or videos that are automatically deleted from the recipients device after a specified period of time.


Read receipts (optional)

  • Texting someone and want them to know that you’ve read their message? Easy. Just enable “read receipts” within a chat. 


Link previews 

  • Any article or page link is automatically morphed into a link preview which is much more aesthetically appealing than a gagillion letters. 


Do not disturb: 

  • We all have that one friend (or family member) that gets a little to carried away with their messaging. That’s where do not disturb comes in handy. 


Friendly and Social

  • Add up to 100 members per chat and customize the name of the group. You can also add and remove users at any time. 

Freedom Chat Security Features

Freedom Chat is built from the ground up to ensure your privacy and freedom of speech. 

Screenshot Protect 

  • Screenshot Protect prevents any member in a chat from screenshotting messages. If a screenshot is attempted, nothing more than a blank white screen will be seen and you will be notified of the attempted screenshot. Now you can be sure everything you send within Freedom Chat, stays within Freedom Chat. 


Sensors Off 

  • “Sensors Off” deactivates your phone’s camera and microphone for ultimate privacy. Now you can be sure no one is listening in to your device like big tech or nosey tyrants. 


Anti-spam protection:

  • Our anti-spam technology blocks incoming spam texts of every kind, from credit card fraud attempts to scammers posing as members of your immediate family to fake delivery attempts and more.


Verifiable end-to-end encryption:

  • To verify the security of end-to-end encryption in any chat, you can compare your code with the one on your contact’s device. You can also scan the QR code to compare automatically. 


Two-Factor Authentication

  • Enabling multi-factor authentication (MFA) provides an extra layer of protection and is used to further ensure the security of your account. 

About Freedom Chat

Here at Freedom Chat we believe privacy is a God-given right and we’re here to give it back. 


Freedom Chat was created to give everyone control over their digital lives. In this new world, you can communicate with whomever you want, protect your data, avoid having your conversations “leaked” and safeguard against cybercrime.


Thanks to our next generation end-to-end encryption, you can be sure every one of your conversations, every message, image or video is completely private and secure and cannot be read by anyone other than the intended recipient. 


The Freedom to speak to who you want, when you want without fear of tyrants or big tech listening in to your conversations. 

Where To Download Freedom Chat

If you would like to download Freedom Chat you can by clicking here. If Freedom Chat is not yet available to download in your country you can request that we add your country here. The more submissions for each country we receive the sooner Freedom Chat will be available to download there. 


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