Freedom Chat is a pay-for-privacy messaging app with a beautiful interface and intuitive feel. With Freedom Chat you can disable screenshots, edit and unsend messages, verify encryption, enable “sensors off” and so much more. We are also the only private messaging app with a published white paper detailing our encryption algorithms and a step-by-step encryption analysis with snippets of our code. 

You can use Freedom Chat to message with any Freedom Chat user across the world.

You can easily and conveniently sync your contacts from your phone into your Freedom Chat account. These will never be uploaded onto a server, only managed on your device. Please navigate to your phone’s Settings > Apps > Freedom Chat and you will be able to sync your contacts.

Although Freedom Chat can be used anywhere in the world, it is currently only available to download in the US and Canada as well as the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. If you would like to request that we add your country you can do so here


Freedom Chat offers the following user features: 

  • Text and voice messages
  • Edit and unsend messages
  • Self-destructing messages
  • Customize color and font size 
  • Send GIFs, images, stickers and more
  • Anti-spam protection 
  • “Sensors Off” (deactivates your camera and microphone) 
  •  Enable dark mode…and so much more!

Yes. You can send and receive voice messages from any of your Freedom Chat contacts.

To ensure maximum privacy, we don’t allow users to save chats outside of the platform

At the moment, we do not support file sharing. 

Freedom Chat’s anti-spam protection blocks 99.99% of all incoming spam-related texts. 

Security and Privacy

Freedom Chat uses end-to-end encryption to ensure your conversations are kept private and secure. Additionally, once a message is successfully delivered to its intended recipient it is automatically deleted from our server. 

With Freedom Chat all of your conversations belong to you. Not the government, big tech or malicious hackers. We believe nobody should be able to exploit your data or your conversations, period. Our unique features and business model are based upon this fundamentally stronger definition of privacy.

Absolutely not. Not even the service operator, such as ourselves, can decrypt your messages. We are giving people the freedom back to have healthy, private conversations between family, friends and associates. 

Freedom Chat has a 26-page white paper and a step-by-step encryption analysis with snippets of our code which you can find on our homepage. As a startup, we cannot afford to go to open-source entirely and risk having some of our features (Screenshot Protect, Sensors Off, etc.) copied by competitors. Once we achieve scale we will absolutely go to open-source. 


If your messages are delayed, be sure to check your WiFi or cellular connection. If your connection is strong but messages are still delayed, either push notifications aren’t working properly or it may help to delete some chats and messages on your phone since all of your conversations are only managed on your device and are not uploaded onto a server. That may decrease load time. 

When you use Freedom Chat, you can message any Freedom Chat user who you have added as a contact.

Once a message is successfully delivered it is removed from the Freedom Chat servers. 


If you are not getting notifications please go to your phone’s settings and then, within settings, select “notifications” to make sure you have Freedom Chat notifications enabled. If you do that and are still not receiving notifications please contact our customer support team and we would be happy to assist you further.