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Freedom Chat is a private social messenger that allows you to talk to who you want and subscribe to the channels you want all in complete and total privacy.

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Love this app!!
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Love the values of this company. Finally, an app that is ACTUALLY SECURE & PRIVATE!!
Best Messaging App!
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If you want an easy-to-use messaging app and one that doesn't collect any of your data, Freedom Chat is it!!
It's About Time...
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Someone finally took privacy and security seriously. Freedom Chat is precisely what we all need to combat Big Tech overreach.


Our business model is supported by paid membership plans, not exploiting user data like other messaging apps. We limit the amount of data we collect and if collected, is strictly for app functionality. Our incentive is to protect your privacy through our pay-for-privacy business model. Better yet, none of your messages, images or videos are stored on our servers. As soon as a message is successfully delivered it is removed from our servers and only managed on your device. 

You can use Freedom Chat to text with any Freedom Chat user across the world. There are no SMS or MMS fees. In order to use Freedom Chat you must have a “smart phone” with access to an app store. 

Yes. Freedom Chat is available to download anywhere in the world (except for a few countries) that can connect to the App Store or Google Play Store. 

Screenshot Protect prevents any member in a chat from screenshotting messages. If a screenshot is attempted, nothing more than a blank white screen will be seen and you will be notified of the attempted screenshot. Now you can be sure everything you send within Freedom Chat, stays within Freedom Chat. You can learn more here

Freedom Chat will be available to download on desktop soon. If you would like to be notified once Freedom Chat is available to download on desktop you can sign up here

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