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If you need us—we’re here. Please reach out to our amazing help desk at We always respond within 24-hours. 

Our business model is supported by paid membership plans, not exploiting user data like other messaging apps. We limit the amount of data we collect and if inadvertently collected, is strictly for app functionality. Our incentive is to protect your privacy through our pay-for-privacy business model. 

With Freedom Chat you can disable screenshots, edit and unsend messages, enable “sensors off” and so much more. We also have verifiable end-to-end encryption, a detailed white paper and step-by-step encryption analysis for everyone to read. How many other messaging apps can claim that? 

Freedom Chat uses end-to-end encryption to ensure your conversations are kept private and secure. We also have no commercial use of user data ensuring your data is kept safe and secure.  

Freedom Chat comes with anti-spam protection that blocks 99.99% of all incoming spam texts. When using Freedom Chat you can be sure that every message you receive is from someone you trust. 


To edit or unsend a message simply hold down on the message. 

To send a self-destructing message, click on the contacts name at the top of a chat. 

To customize the color or font size or even enable dark mode, please navigate to your settings tab within Freedom Chat.