Anti-Spam Protection

Say goodbye to all those annoying spam texts with built-in anti-spam protection.

Spam Messages Are Only On The Rise

Did you know the average American receives more than 2,000 spam messages each year? That’s over 6 each day. Unfortunately, (for those who don’t use Freedom Chat), this number is projected to increase by more than 110% over the next 3 years.

Anti-Spam Protection
Spam Protection Technology

Block All Incoming Spam

Our proprietary anti-spam technology blocks incoming spam texts of every kind from credit card fraud attempts to scammers posing as members of your immediate family to fake delivery attempts and more.

$30 Billion Lost To Spam This Year

Just this year, Americans have lost more than $30 billion to spam calls and texts. That’s over $82 million each day! From inputting credit card information into fraudulent sites to answering phone calls from scammers posing as bank employees, there are countless ways in which you can lose money. Protect yourself and the information that matters most to you. Download Freedom Chat today. 

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